The Hero's Journey

Gaining membership in The Assemblage of Areté is done through rituals designed to impress upon us the importance of our commitments, and give us the psychological power to change our lives.  If you desire to become a member of The Assemblage of Areté, speak with your parish's narrator to set up a private interview, where you and your narrator can get to know each other better and discuss the meaning of the ritual you wish to partake in.  Your narrator can help you make sure you are ready for this exciting step.  As a reminder, while donations to the Assemblage are always welcome, they are absolutely not necessary for any stage of membership.

The rituals performed in Aretéanism are symbolically tied to the ancient classical elements of fire, water, air, and earth.  Despite these elements not being the actual fundamental building blocks of the universe, the symbolic power of these four categories has endured because of their relatability to humans across the world.  This practical symbolism also serves as an homage to the ancient Greeks who were the first to articulate an interest in the quality of areté.

Modern Aretéans interpret the procession of these symbols and rituals as a metaphor for individual procession through The Four Stages of Human Consciousness. We also see this procession as a metaphor for the classical hero's journey, which we seek to emulate in our desire for greater Areté.

← Earth                                        Fire →

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