The Assemblage of Areté is the official organization of Aretéanism


The Assemblage of Areté is a religious non-profit corporation, similar to a church denomination, which was founded in the State of California on February 23rd, 2016 CE / 12,016 HE; by Nicholas S. Colin Campbell, usually known as Colin Campbell.  The first services of The Assemblage of Areté were held by the San Diego Parish, in La Mesa, California, on March 20th, 12,016.


The Assemblage of Areté is run by a lay-clergy, which means that none of our clergy members are paid professionals.  They are instead members of the "laity", or regular members of the general body; called upon by other Assemblage leaders to volunteer their time to serve their communities.  No baskets are passed around during a service to guilt attendees into donating; any donations made to support the Assemblage's operation are made completely voluntarily and privately.


The Assemblage of Areté is organized in a hierarchical fashion, which provides a clear line of authority and personal responsibility for actions taken at any level of the Assemblage.

The fundamental unit of the Assemblage is the parish, a term long associated with churches because of its Greek origin: "paroikos", meaning "neighbor".  Our congregations are specifically meant to include those geographically near to us because humans are physical beings, despite living in a digital age.  Spending time with our neighbors helps us build stronger communities and to be present in the world literally around us.

Each parish is led by a "narrator", who narrates the flow of our convocations.  Narrators also direct the general business of the parish they are responsible for.  Because The Assemblage of Areté is still so new, there is only one parish currently: the San Diego Parish, which is currently led by the founder of both The Assemblage of Areté, and the religion of Aretéanism in general, Narrator Colin Campbell.

As the Assemblage grows, there are multiple layers of authority designed to help manage regional affairs for the Assemblage, but the highest authority of The Assemblage of Areté is the "Supreme Mugwump".  While the term mugwump comes from Algonquin for "great chief", its modern usage is considered somewhat comical for English speakers due to its sound.  We take advantage of both meanings- while the position deserves some respect as the chief executive for The Assemblage of Areté in both administrative and religious matters, mindless obedience to the Supreme Mugwump is laughable.  The current Supreme Mugwump is also Colin Campbell.

Leadership positions in The Assemblage of Areté are not intended to be permanent, and while some exceptions are likely to happen during the formative years of the Assemblage, narrators are generally called to serve for a period of four years before being released from their responsibilities and returning back to general membership while another qualified member steps into the role of narrator for that parish.

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