Aretéanism is founded on three simple precepts, which we call The Three Tenets of Areté.  From these first three concepts we derive all of our other doctrine, which we pair with symbolism and ritual so that we can better remember our values throughout our daily lives.

Be People of Areté

Areté (pronounced: are-eh-tay) is an ancient Greek word for the virtue of excellence in all things.  Areté is being the best humans we can be, both individually and as entire peoples.  Seeking for Areté is all-encompassing and challenging too, but we resolutely believe that the greater consciousness and life experiences gained by this quest are well worth it.  We specifically define Areté through The Six Qualities of Areté, which are in turn made up of The Thirty Aims of Areté, which is a list of attributes we find desirable.

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Seek Greater Understanding

We believe that with more accurate knowledge of the world we become more capable of achieving and attaining all good things.  With greater knowledge, better understanding becomes more accessible, and we improve our ability to be people of Areté.  We believe our capacity for understanding is in large part influenced by our state of mind, which we categorize via The Four Stages of Human Consciousness.  We also firmly believe that the scientific method is the best available approach for discovering the truth of the world around us, and that we should reject superstition as a valid basis for decision making.

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The Intent of the Law, Is the Law

We put trust in the human capacity for reason, which is the driving mechanism of the scientific method.  Rather than following dogmatic instructions, each human being is encouraged to consider for themselves and their own circumstances what the best way to gain Areté is.  Whenever there might be multiple interpretations of our values, exceptional circumstances, or attempts to use our beliefs to justify low and not excellent behavior, we remind ourselves of our "Third Tenet".

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